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    I have been searching this topic for two hours. Your post gives me a great help. Thanks for share….

  • Scientists Were Kids Too   1 week 5 days ago

    I dont usually learn from blog , but here i found it different , thanks for your share mate.

  • Let's Move! with STEM   1 week 5 days ago

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  • Community Wind Project   2 weeks 2 days ago

    Wind power and energy policy are constantly in the news. An excellent literacy connection to this activity would be Paul Fleischman's nonfiction book Eyes Wide Open: Going Behind the Environmental Headlines.

  • Kaleid-o-mania   2 weeks 2 days ago

    When I link through to the original activity at, I see the step-by-step instructions, including using the markers to decorate the inside bottom of the cup. The purpose for the mirrors is found after the main activity description, in the Dig Deeper section of the activity.

  • Geometric Solids   2 weeks 2 days ago

    Link seems to go through now.

  • Enter the Google Science Fair   2 weeks 4 days ago

    nice event

  • Who Eats What?   2 weeks 5 days ago

    Combines a lot of arts and crafts / motor skills and song while learning about animals commonly found in nature. Just the sort of thing I was looking for!

  • Geometric Solids   2 weeks 5 days ago

    The link to this resource appears to be broken.

  • Kaleid-o-mania   2 weeks 5 days ago

    I would love to have my kids make kaleidoscopes but this lesson plan doesn't explain how to do it! There are no instructions as to what to do with the "small mirrors", (how small is small, anyway?) or the large mirror (how large?). Neither are there instructions for the use of the colored markers. : (

  • Summer STEM Olympics   4 weeks 1 day ago

    Also let your kids gather together with their friends playing some outdoor physics games.

  • Interstellar STEM   5 weeks 4 days ago

    These are great resources for space exploration and investigation. I will be sure to check them out with my 6th grade Astronomy unit. My students are excited to learn about the International Space Station. There is an excellent video tour of the space station by a former commander, Sunita Williams.
    Also, the Sallie Ride Earthkam program is a great way to get students engaged. In this program they can submit image requests and the space station takes the images as they orbit over the location on Earth. Students can then download and analyze the photos. I have put some additional space resources on a blog post about the MAVEN spacecraft:
    Happy teaching!

  • Water Molds (Oomycetes)   5 weeks 4 days ago

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  • Disease Detectives   6 weeks 3 days ago

    I completely agree about people not understanding the nuts and bolts of disease transmission. This is not to be overlooked in all of the media frenzy. These resources look excellent. Thank you for sharing. I recently wrote an article including resources as well that others might find useful:
    Thank you for providing great resources!

  • Disease Detectives   6 weeks 4 days ago

    Ebola indeed is a disease to be worried about but it does not mean we are hopeless. In this age, nothing really is impossible and all things are being studied to further our knowledge. All we have to do is to continue to be cautious but not limiting ourselves to what can happen in the future.

  • Programming Languages: Harold the Robot   7 weeks 9 hours ago

    Computers are really very fast they understand the programming language easily. Immediately they follow the directions and execute the commands within seconds.

  • FREE New Sun Science App   7 weeks 1 day ago

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  • Bat "Boo-ology"   7 weeks 2 days ago

    Wow nice, we really need to care about animals.