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Earth Day/Climate Week

Earth Day 45

Earth Day, April 22, is part of this year's international Climate Education Week. At, you can find thousands of STEM activities, for all ages, related to the environment, climate and the natural world.


Planning a World Oceans Day Event

Celebrate the ocean!

Want to celebrate our planet's ocean? On or around World Oceans Day, June 8th, share what you know and why you care about the ocean by holding a special sea event. Ask your friends, family, students and colleagues to help you plan an ocean festival, beach party, sand sculpture contest, sea-themed parade, cooking event with sustainable seafood, photo exhibit or other fun and creative public event. 


Indiana Jones—Fiction Into Fact

New exhibition connects film adventure and science of archaeology

The adventures of Indiana Jones(TM) are film legend—and they're science too. In the National Geographic exhibition Indiana Jones(TM) and the Adventure of Archaeology, the world's most famous, fictional archaeologist inspires a new generation to dig deeper into the science and history of field archaeology. As they enter Indy's world, visitors discover how archeological objects advance scientific and historical knowledge.


Engineering Everywhere

Celebrate Engineering Week

No day goes by without engineering touching our lives. How does engineering help when we play sports or music, ride in an elevator, check the weather forecast, drive over a bridge, vote in an election, and go through a typical day? Find out with engineering activities from during Engineers Week, February 22-28. 


Observe Everything

Share what you find with Science Friday

Sharpen your powers of observation by taking part in #ObserveEverything, a special project of the Science Friday radio show's Science Club. Anyone can participate—just start by observing something that grabs your attention! 


Summer Sea Science

coral spawning in the Gulf of Mexico

August means vacation for millions of humans, and for coral reefs in the Gulf of Mexico, it means the summer birth of billions of new coral organisms. Each year, 7-10 days after August's full moon, coral reefs at the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary create a mass spawning event. The event sends a "snowstorm" of countless sperm and egg bundles into the water. NOAA's Coral Spawning Globe at models the spawning event in a snow globe.


Fossil Art/Photo Contest

National Fossil Day

Who are the prehistoric creatures in your neighborhood? Create an artistic answer to that question, and you could win the National Fossil Day Art and Photo Contest. 


National Geographic Kids Engineering Challenge

Engineering in the wild

How do National Geographic explorers do research, and get such great photos, in the wild? National Geographic invites kids to try and solve the technical problems explorers face, in a new Kids Engineering Exploration Challenge.


Ancient Egypt

King Tut and more

Ancient_EgyptAre your learners fascinated by mummies and pyramids? Are ancient civilizations part of your 2012-2013 curriculum? Explore ancient Egypt at with activities like Mummy MagicThe Trial: Grand Vizier Ay Stands Accused of Murder! and Modern Detectives: Think Like an Archaeologist. You can also travel to ancient Egypt this summer at three major science center exhibits across the country. 

Boston Museum of Science’s Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science focuses on archaeologists' work to acquire knowledge, not just treasures. If you can't get to the museum itself, visit the virtual exhibit to play an ancient Egyptian game of Senet, send a buried message, and even plan your afterlife.

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