FREE New Sun Science App

DIY for sunny or not so sunny days

Use the power of the Sun to energize STEM learning with the free, new DIY Sun Science app for the iPad and iPhone. On sunny days, or not so sunny days, DIY Sun Science makes investigating Earth's own star easy, fun, affordable and safe. Thirteen hands-on explorations, plus NASA images and videos, reveal how dynamic the Sun is and how it affects life on Earth. The DIY Sun Science app works for learning at home, school, after school, community events, or anywhere. 


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Share activities

Want to share a great activity, like LEGO Chemical Reactions? This activity has been liked on Facebook more than 3,000 times and pinned on Pinterest nearly 4,000 times! From any activity page, you can now tweet an activity, like it on Facebook, +1 it on Google, share it on Linkedin, pin it on Pinterest, and email it to colleagues, family and friends. You can also add the activity to your own lists, post your own video demonstrating the activity, rate the activity, and add a comment for any visitor to read. welcomes your input—and thanks for sharing!


Grasping the COSMOS

TV and hands-on astronomy

Billions upon billions of stars plus millions and millions of TV viewers is the equation behind the new TV series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. The 13-part series, hosted by American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, explores the universe's most puzzling phenomena, our place in space, and more. Inspired by Carl Sagan's 1980 Cosmos TV series, and using state-of-the-art special effects, Tyson's series zooms in on the latest scientific technologies and discoveries. 


National Geographic Kids Engineering Challenge

Engineering in the wild

How do National Geographic explorers do research, and get such great photos, in the wild? National Geographic invites kids to try and solve the technical problems explorers face, in a new Kids Engineering Exploration Challenge.


Let's Move! with STEM

Let's Move! activities from

For the Let's Move! 4th anniversary, find nearly 300 STEM activities that get kids moving, with's Let's Move! activities search engine. This week, Let's Move! Museums & Gardens invites everyone to use the hasthtag #LetsMove and share healthy steps they're taking. Watch the First Lady's ask.


Girls Soar in Aerospace and Technology

National Engineering Week

To some people, the phrase "helicopter parent" means a mother or father overprotecting their child. But to John Hall of the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center, the link between helicopters and families has a very different meaning. As a school psychologist who chairs the museum's education committee, Hall sees helicopters as a major tool in helping families encourage girls to pursue careers in technology. 


Scientists Were Kids Too

Science biographies and STEM

Scientists were kids once themselves—kids who wondered, kids who tinkered, kids who made mistakes. Connect activities with biographies of scientists and mathematicians for library summer reading programs like Fizz, Boom, READ! and Bedtime Summer of Numbers

2FEB names a Top 100 Website

2nd year of recognition has named one of the Top 100 Educational Websites for the second year in a row. Science educator Cassandra Byrd at San Francisco's Exploratorium agrees totally. She uses the collection, including several hundred activities from The Exploratorium, as a major STEM resource to develop workshops for homeschoolers.


Pizza Math and Science

Edible "Pie Charts"

From trendy pizza trucks to gluten free crust, not to mention that alltime favorite—plain cheese—pizza is a must-have meal for millions. Turn any pizza party (real or pretend) into tasty math and science with activities from In Pizza Party, practice simple fractions to make sure everyone gets an equal piece of the pie. 


Brainy Vacations

Science center offerings

Can you explain your brain? Excite your neurons while you learn how they work at YOUR BRAIN, The Franklin Institute's new, permanent exhibit opening summer 2014 in Philadelphia. Planning spring and summer vacations now? Science centers across the U.S. and around the world offer a huge range of new exhibits.

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